our portfolio

We work with all of our clients to customize, design, and restore their homes. We’re proud of the work we’ve done with our clients. Whether it’s fixing or repairing a home, or adding a customized amenity to add value, we’re here to help.

Take a look at what we’ve accomplished.

Bathroom remodel

We took an old, outdated bathroom, that had previous issues with the floor being out of level, and reworked the floor joists, as well as laying a beautiful mosaic tile, trim, and new fixtures.

Basement/Bath rEMODEL

One of our clients had an unfinished basement that was only being utilized for storage. We turned the basement into a livable space, featuring a beautiful spiral staircase, built-in shelving, and a full bathroom. 

Build ins

We worked with our client to solve a need for more storage for their library with these beautiful, custom built-ins.

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